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First Grade

Our first grade classrooms are a positive, encouraging environment for learning. Our instructional focus is geared to meet the Idaho State Standards, throughout our curriculum.

Building reading skills and practicing reading are an essential part of a first graders learning. First graders develop their reading comprehension skills and build a deeper understanding of what they read. First graders progress in writing from knowing how to write words to becoming a "writer".

Math tools and manipulatives are used to help students practice math skills and concepts using concrete visible objects.

First graders are assessed frequently. The data for their testing is used to guide and drive instruction to meet the needs of all first graders.

We are dedicated as teachers to give your child a meaningful learning experience and spending a wonderful year together!

Stephanie Boling

Miss Stephanie Boling

No Picture Available

Ms. Teresa Smith

Ms. Christian Kalafatic

Ms. Christian Kalafatic

Natalie Warth

Ms. Natalie Warth  

Mrs. Autney Lucore

Mrs. Autney Lucore

Sarah Woods

Mrs. Sarah Woods