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Third Grade

3...2...1...Get ready to have a blast in third grade!  In third grade, we will zoom through the Solar System, rocket through multiplication and division, virtually explore foreign lands, and soar to new learning heights. Third Grade students are the best!

In Math, we review addition and subtraction concepts. A majority of the year is spent on introducing and practicing multiplication and division understanding and facts, and also fractions concepts.   Third grade students will also study elapsed time and area and perimeter.  In Reading, our focus is on fluency and comprehension. We study the conventions of the English language and write personal narratives, informative reports and persuasive paragraphs.

In Science, we discover the world of living systems. We travel through light and sound, and our solar system. We classify animals according to their characteristics and broaden horizons in the area of ecology. In Social Studies, we expand our map reading skills and knowledge of a variety of landforms. We virtually travel through many foreign lands by talking about their cultures and governments.

In Grade 3, we test fluency on the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI). We utilize STAR360 tests to indicate which level students are performing in reading comprehension and math concepts.  Third grade is also the first year that student will take the ISAT.

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Ms. Cassidy Quick

Stacy Campbell

Mrs. Stacy Campbell

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Ms. Martiza Solis

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Ms. Becki Boyd

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Mrs. Bridgette Downey

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Mrs. Kristin Williams