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All current students with substantiated gifts and /or talents in the Middleton School District shall be provided with an opportunity designed to challenge, sustain, enrich and ensure continued individual growth.  We recognize that these students require differentiated instruction, social emotional advocacy and exposure to multiple extensions, which promote critical thinking, curiosity, independent learning, creative expression and leadership opportunities.  Administrators, facilitators, and teachers will work together in collaboration with parents and community, to ensure that the identification and educational needs of our gifted and/or talented students are met.

We continue to refine our identification practices in coordination with other district throughout the state.  Some of the improvements come from continued training opportunities focused on the characteristics of all types of gifted student, including ELL, low income, twice exceptional, specific talents and leadership. Our use of formal assessments has expanded to assist with the identification of these special populations; some of which include the non-verbal cognitive assessment (CogAT), an optional GAI scale WISC and a teacher interview.  Additionally, we have included STAR360 as a screening tool.

Middleton School District Gifted and Talented Program

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Melody Craw
Gifted and Talented Program Facilitator

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